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Ta' Pitra Farmhouse

4 Bedrooms - Sleeps 2 - 8

Private fresh water swimming pool (6.8m x 3.6m) facing sunset. Landscaped pool deck with barbecue area. 4 bedrooms, 4 ensuite bathrooms (1 walk in shower, 2 shower cubicles, 1 bath tub), spare toilet.

Entrance through a small patio which leads to a formal living area. This living area opens onto a sitting/dining and kitchen. These overlook the pool and terrace, and the panoramic view. The utility room and spare toilet are next to the sitting/dining and a flight of stairs leads to 2 en-suite bedroom at intermediate level. Another flight of stairs leads to 2 other en-suite bedrooms above the sitting-dining. The former bedrooms overlooks the street and the latter overlooks the view.

Private car park available.

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